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This Is How We Do Gutters (by Brooks)

1. We stock all colors of Reynolds brand. Reynolds coil has a corrosion resister base treatment with a baked on polyester coloration.

2. All gutters are heavy duty seamless .032 aluminum. ( Standard thickness is .027 ) Beware of very thin coil such as .021 and .024 which has become prevalent recently.

3. 3x4 high capacity downspouts are used.

4. Corners are strip mitered by hand and sealed with Solar Seal. Corner leak service call average – ONE IN 3 YEARS!

5. All gutter support brackets are spaced every 18 inches and screwed in.  ( not nailed in every 3 or 4 feet)

6. Any fascia board that we replace is pre primed.

Any deteriorated fascia board that we miss at the estimate will be replaced at no charge to the customer.

7. All though we offer various gutter cover systems, in most cases these are unnecessary as proper gutter pitch will clean out most debris. We have many years of experience in pitching gutters the proper way for the best water flow and debris removal.

8. All work professionally done. Fingerprints wiped clean, and all related debris are cleaned up and removed without any disturbance to the property.

9. We are fully insured.

10. The company we use for gutters is KT Gutter Supply Company out of Hartland, WI. They originally were a remodeling company 25 years ago but became renowned across SE Wisconsin for their gutter work. They are now a gutter distributor who also offers installation services to their dealers. They specialize in gutters and do no other work.